Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Beminde, My Beloved, Mi Amado

TITLE: My Beminde Short film

GENRE: Experimental


SYNOPSIS: A story about a black farm worker and the farmers daughter having a secret love affair. 

CAST: Saskia Rijke en Lemogang Tsipa

CREW: Rowen Smith, Rob Wisniefwski, Hennie Le Roux, Julz Sanchez, Margem Crafford, Johann Millin, Cara-Lee America, Caroux Du Preez, Dino Kareklas & Juri Badenhorst 

An AFDA Film School Cape Town production 

My Beminde is a short film I directed in 2012 for my AFDA Film School Experimental Film Project. We had a crew of 6 and a cast of 3 and the whole short film was written for screen on the Easter weekend of 2012. We traveled to a friend's farm to shoot the film and the elements were against us, but luckily the entire team came together and the project was a great success.

On the left hand side we have imagery of our brilliant actor, who played the role of the old man.  He endured long hours on set each day and the team will always have great success for this old guy. 

His character depicted the attitudes of the former white man. The repressed racism within them and the judgement they are still fighting and battling with in our current modern day society. 

Below we have the awesome Lemogang Tsipa, then only a student actor and now, a well known South African Black Actor/director. Making this movie was quite tough on Lemogang, especially with it's racial tension and very clear racist message, but Lemo was mature enough as an actor and artist to express himself and the feelings towards repressed racism within this film, by not making it a big deal at all. That's how we know Lemo, always with a happy face, living life to the fullest. 

Here we have the wonderful Saskia Rijke, leading girl of the short film, giving a great performance. The best thing about Saskia is that she can cry really easily and it's never hard for me to get her into a sad emotional state.

 Saskia's face was blown out all over Spain with her artistic emotional presence with the screening of My Beminde in Palencia in 2012. 

Below are some beautiful scenic photography of the amazing setting where we shot the production. Out on the Stanford Papiesvlei valley on my brother's farm. The Entire crew and cast were welcomed and kindly acommodated the Loxton family during the course of our shoot. We will never forget the times we shared on the LockeStone Farm. 


My Beminde, screened at the 24th Aguilar de Campoo International Film Festival as the African Premiere.  This film festival was the first film festival our film went to, and also the only film festival it went to, being my debut film into an international market as a young writer,director. 

WATCH THE FILM HERE: My Beminde Short Film

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